Summer Dessert Recipe

One of my favorite things to make in the summer are trifles. They’re very versatile and extremely easy to make. One of my newly favorite to make is a chocolate cake and white chocolate trifle! Super Easy, follow me! Ingredients One Box of Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix ( follow directions on the box but […]


I am happy to announce we have finally gotten our chickens! After long conversations about how we would raise them, things just kinda fell into place for us! We now have 4 chickens! So far only one is currently laying eggs (the others are just a bit young yet). She has given us one egg […]

Home Made Granola Recipe

Granola is one of my favorite breakfast treats with yogurt or milk alone. I thought I’d try out a new recipe! Absolutely delicious and addicting, not to mention super easy! What you will need: 3 Cups Gluten Free Oats 3 TBS light brown sugar 1 TSP Cinnamon 1/2 TSP Salt 1/3 Cup All natural honey […]