Weigh in Thursday!!

Well, here we are! Down .5 pounds this week. I have to say I’m pretty shocked I lost anything! This week has been a huge struggle for me. I’m an emotional eater and I’ve had an emotionally draining week! Starting with Sunday when my husband got very, very sick to my son having a fever and being quite cranky towards the end of the week. But none the less it’s another week down and another week with a loss! I am currently down a total of 5.5 pounds and really excited about that. This time seems soooo much more difficult than when I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago. I suppose since having a child, everything is just not the same… But, that’s okay! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I keep telling myself that it’s not about being thin, or looking good or even fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes.. It’s about a lifestyle change, it’s about feeling better it’s about being WELL! I want to be the best Mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend I can possibly be and at this weight there’s a lot holding me back!

So let me tell you what my wake up call was… The reason I began this journey was the day I got winded reading my son a book. It was our favorite, Horton the Elephant by Dr. Seuss. I couldn’t get through our favorite book without feeling like I couldn’t breathe. How did I get back here? Why did I allow myself to get back to this place? Well, honestly I could sit here and  question why, how and what but wondering that doesn’t change it. I am the one who makes the changes! I’m pretty reserved and shy when it comes to sharing some of these things so it might take me a while to feel comfortable posting about my weight loss!However, stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge stepping stone in any journey! So, here I am my first post on my weight loss! 🙂

I hope you continue to follow my journey!

Happy Thursday!



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