What I Ate Wednesday Week 2

So, before I get started I should mention I have not been feeling well and today was probably one of the worst eating days I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t eat much and I didn’t even eat fruits or vegetables. I just was not feeling great so I ate quick with my little man and didn’t choose the best options. Shame on me! But anyways, like I said, I will show what I ate today.


Aldi’s finally got some gluten free items and the granola is incredible, I had granola and milk.

Low sodium hot dog and a few curly fries (Nicholas picked lunch today)

Baked pasta with cheese.

I didn’t drink much water, I had a very little appetite and I know tomorrow will be better!

I hope you enjoyed my what I ate Wednesday!

Since I didn’t post on Sunday I thought I’d share with you my weight loss.. Down another 2 pounds! Making a total of 5! GO ME! Yay!!!!!!!


One thought on “What I Ate Wednesday Week 2

  1. Nice! Keep losing! I had some cereal and almond milk for breakfast; homemade chicken and salsa for lunch; and an asparagus and squash sandwich on 5 grain bread for dinner. Had some peanuts for a snack, too!

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