Gluten Free Party Planning

Well, I cannot believe I’m even making this post… BUT my son is turning ONE next month. Where in the world has that time gone? Anyways since we’re having a big party for him I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a new series for the month of February into March. GF Party planning. As you know party planning is hectic and pricy but having a gluten free party is even more pricy. I plan on sharing some recipes that are cost friendly, tasty and easy! Lets face it, who has the time to make crazy exotic dishes for a one year olds party?

So my first post in this GF party planning is:


It’s really important to make a list of items that you need. So, make your menu and each week buy items you will need. Not perishable items but things you will need to make your dishes. An inexpensive snack to make is CHEX MIX. (I will be posting that recipe a little later). So over the last few weeks I’ve purchased a few boxes of chex to make my snack.

Some of the recipes you can look forward to seeing are; baked pasta, chex mix, vanilla cake, an easy inexpensive veggie tray, mini hot dog weenies and a few different desserts.

Come on, join me and follow this party planning experience with me for my Son’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!



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