Twelve Days of Christmas… COOKIES Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are by far my favorite cookie for the holidays, they’re sweet and delicious with a hint of crunch from the coconut. I can’t see a Christmas without a macaroon. My family has done macaroons for years! This recipe comes from Ina: Foodnetwork’s The Barefoot Contessa. I love the simplicity of these cookies, minimal, good quality ingredients. This is what makes for a delicious, decadent cookie. Enjoy!


14 Ounces Sweetened flaked Coconut

14 Ounces good quality Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 TSP Vanilla Extract

2 Extra Large Egg whites (room temperature) or 3 large egg whites

1/4 TSP Salt


Preheat oven to 325* (F)

Combine; flaked coconut, condensed milk, vanilla and salt in a bowl, mix until incorporated, set aside

In a stand mixer, whip eggs until soft peaks form

Carefully fold in egg whites with the coconut mixture.

Scoop batter 1TBS at a time onto a parchment lined cookie sheet tray

Bake 25 minutes until golden brown

Remove from oven and let rest 3 minutes before transferring to a cooling wire rack.


My family has always put  chocolate kisses in the macaroon if you choose to do this while the cookie is warm place the kiss in the middle. Or you can drizzle melted chocolate over top. Coconut and chocolate are a perfect match 🙂

Love this recipe. I hope you do too!


Happy 12 days of Christmas Cookies!!!!


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