Thanksgiving Series: Timeline

Hello my Yummies,
It’s Thanksgiving EVE!! Yippie, tomorrow is what we’ve been planning for! Are you all ready? Here is a quick tip for tomorrow to make your day go smooth!
It’s called a Thanksgiving Timeline! It’s not just for Thanksgiving, you can use it at any holiday or big party!
So basically just write down everything you have to get done during the day and have a time allocated to each task. Write it on a piece of paper! Here is what my day is going to look like!

Now, I have EVERYTHING except the gravy and whipped cream done ahead of time! This way I get to enjoy my day instead of running around all day long.

9:45: Preheat Oven 325 degrees

10:00: Put turkey in

10:30: Make Whipped Cream, refrigerate

11:00: Brush turkey with melted butter

1:30: Check turkey, brush with the juice at the bottom of the pan

2:00: Take out turkey to rest one hour

2:15: Put in mashed potatoes, stuffing in oven heat for 30-40 minutes

2:30: Make Gravy

3:00: Carve turkey


Clean up, and serve dessert!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I hope that you have enjoyed my Thanksgiving Series!!

Happy Cleaning! Remember, Thanksgiving is to enjoy delicious food and family! Have fun, watch the parade and some football! 🙂




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