Thanksgiving Series: 3 Days Away

Not like I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving or anything but T MINUS 3 DAYS… Who am I kidding, of course I am. I’m so excited!

Now is the time to make your list and check it TWICE, maybe even three times! Take a look at all your recipes and make sure you have everything you need, do a nice big list for groceries and get everything you need ahead of time. Nothing like waiting until the last-minute with a mobbed grocery store the day before! Yikes!

Another tip would be get all your platters out and put a post-it note in each dish telling what you’re using the platters for; turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables etcetera… That way the day of Thanksgiving you’re not wondering what dish is going where! (anything to make the day go smoother and spend with friends and family is a win in my book.)

It’s also time to check on your turkey that has been thawing, make sure it is in fact thawing… There is nothing like going to cook your turkey and it’s still frozen! If you’re worried about your turkey being frozen still you can always fill up the sink with COLD water and submerge the turkey in there for a few hours and return to the fridge.

These are just a few tips to make your prep a little easier for you!

Happy Week Of Thanksgiving!



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Series: 3 Days Away

  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but these are nonetheless some great tips for Christmas, dinner parties and other big family events. I’ll definitely be using your platter-labelling tip this year to avoid that last minute panic when you cant find a suitable plate. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving – Niki x

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