Thanksgiving Series: Thanksgiving Live on Food Network

Well, I watched the Thanksgiving Live show on the food network today and I must say, I was a bit confused. It was kind of chaotic and a little all over the place but I did learn a little. I liked that it was live and you could really see the personalities of the chefs behind the scenes.

One of the things that I really liked was seeing how different their points of view are on the turkey cooking process. Some like to brine, while others didn’t like to. There are some different ways to brine; a wet brine, a dry brine or no brine at all. I was going to try a wet brine on our turkey this year but am having second thoughts. I recently read an article that mentioned frozen turkeys already have sodium in them which makes the brine almost pointless and a super salty turkey. So, instead I might try a different approach. (Can anyone say herb butter under the skin?)

Also on the show they talked about how long your bird should rest for. I always knew you should rest the bird for a little while but they actually recommend an hour. Wow, an hour? Well they all agreed on that time. So, possibly this year I might wait one hour! I’m not sure yet. It’s so hard to wait when that beautiful turkey is staring you in the face! 🙂

Anyways, it was my first year watching Thanksgiving Live and I look forward to next year watching it again. I just wanted to ramble today, hope that didn’t bore you too much!

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Time to take out your frozen turkey! Rule of thumb: for every 4 pounds of turkey, it takes one day to thaw. So if you have a turkey that is 20 pounds it will take 5 days to completely thaw out in the fridge! 🙂

Happy almost Thanksgiving!


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