Thanksgiving Series: Turkey Talk

What’s the best internal temperature of your turkey? If you guessed 165* (F) you’re close! While that is the perfect internal temperature you want to take the turkey out a few degrees before. Really, the best time to take the turkey out of the oven is when the internal temperature reaches 160*(F). I do not trust the little red picks in the turkeys because they are not a very good gauge of temperature. Buy yourself a good meat thermometer. I have seen some good ones going for as little as $9.00. This is one tool your kitchen should be equip with anyways!

Now the reason for taking your turkey out at 160*(F) is because it will continue to cook while on the counter. There is nothing worse than spending the entire day getting your meal together to have a dry bird. The best place to stick the thermometer would be in the largest piece of meat (So in the breast or thigh). Be sure you’re not touching bone when testing the temperature because that will skew the temperature.

Once your turkey reads 160*(F) take it out of the oven, put tin foil over top of it (not tightly) and let your turkey rest 15 minutes.

Carve and serve.

I really like this chart Butterball posted on their website on how long and temperatures for your bird! I hope you take a look at it and find it useful 🙂

Happy Cooking!



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