Thanksgiving Series: Pie Crust In a Box?!

Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google

After that fabulous dinner the best way to end Thanksgiving is with a dessert. There are two desserts my family must have on the table… apple pie and pumpkin pie. Everything else is bonus!!! I haven’t perfected a pie crust yet so I actually buy a mix. I really like this mix, it’s simple and inexpensive.

Gluten Free Pantry, Perfect Pie Crust:

Light and flaky, buttery and delicious. This pie crust is absolutely wonderful and quite easy to prepare. You can order it online or most of the grocery stores that sell gluten free items have this. Just be sure you follow the directions to a T. I find if you veer away from the directions just a little bit, the pie crust doesn’t turn out right!

(Be sure to refrigerate the crust before you roll it out otherwise you will have a huge, sticky mess!)



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