Thanksgivng Series: Smashed Rosemary Potatoes

Don’t worry, I will be posting a mashed potato recipe soon but until then you must try this smashed rosemary potato recipe I came up with! The trick? Cooking your potatoes in chicken stock not in water! This makes a world of difference!

What you will need:

5 Russet Potatoes*

1TSP Dried Rosemary

1 TSP Garlic Powder

4 Cups Chicken Stock

2TBS Butter


Wash, Peel and cut your potatoes, put into a large stock pot

Add Chicken Stock, rosemary and garlic powder

Bring to a boil then simmer 10 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender

Drain potatoes but Reserve 1/2 Cup of the liquid

Return potatoes to pot, add 1/2 Cup of the liquid and 2 TBS butter.

Here’s the fun part. Get a large wooden spoon and smash the potatoes. Stir potatoes to the consistency you like.

*Russet potatoes or a very starchy potato will work well for this recipe 🙂


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