Stuffing: Gluten Free Thanksgiving series

This is the first of many posts in my Gluten Free Thanksgiving series.

Lets talk stuffing. Stuffing is the quintessential part of Thanksgiving, aside from the bird of course. Stuffing is quite versatile, you can add or subtract any ingredient you like. For me, I like a traditional bread stuffing. There is nothing better than turkey, stuffing and gravy.

Now, I have an amazing recipe that will be following this post but I want to talk about ease today.


Gillian’s Stuffing I purchase this at our local Wegmans.

Sometimes it’s just nice to go to the store and pick up a package of stuffing, throw it together and serve it. If you can get your hands on this stuffing I suggest you pick up a few packages! Around fall time it’s hard to find because it grows wings and flys off the shelves. This stuffing is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. It’s just a perfect stuffing for quick cooking.


I hope you can get your hands on it and give it a try!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I will be posting many different recipes, tips and ideas for entertaining. I hope you join me leading up to turkey day!

Tomorrow I will be posting a home-made stuffing recipes.

Friday I will be posting about gravy 🙂

Happy Cooking. I hope you start preparations for Gluten Free Thanksgiving confident and excited!


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