Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today was the day we’ve worked hard for all week! It was a fantastic day with my family and so thankful for how wonderful everything was. Our son’s first Thanksgiving was spectacular! Now that Thanksgiving has passed and our house is clean, it’s on to… CHRISTMAS!!! Tomorrow is Christmas Cookie Day. The […]

Thanksgiving Series: Timeline

Hello my Yummies, It’s Thanksgiving EVE!! Yippie, tomorrow is what we’ve been planning for! Are you all ready? Here is a quick tip for tomorrow to make your day go smooth! It’s called a Thanksgiving Timeline! It’s not just for Thanksgiving, you can use it at any holiday or big party! So basically just write […]

Thanksgiving Series: Appetizers

Appetizers on Thanksgiving in my opinion, should be kept simple, no need to trump that turkey. But while your guests are arriving and that succulent smell of turkey wafts through the house they may be looking for a little snack. Here are a few ideas for some simple appetizers: Most can be prepared ahead of time! […]

Thanksgiving Series: Turkey Talk

What’s the best internal temperature of your turkey? If you guessed 165* (F) you’re close! While that is the perfect internal temperature you want to take the turkey out a few degrees before. Really, the best time to take the turkey out of the oven is when the internal temperature reaches 160*(F). I do not trust the little […]

Donut Recipe: Revised!

Hello My Yummies, I am happy to announce that I have perfected my donut recipe!!!! 2 eggs beaten 2 C buttermilk 1/4 C melted butter 1 1/2 TSP Vanilla Extract 5 1/2 Cups flour mix* (I’ve modified the original recipe see note below) 1C sugar 1TSP nutmeg 1TSP cinnamon 2 1/2 TSP baking soda 1 […]