Product Review: Gluten Free Rolls

scharSchar Gluten Free Rolls:

These are my favorite go to gluten free rolls! Actually, this brand is amazing. They are soft, and moist with a nice crust on the end. They hold burgers well and don’t fall apart as long as you use the oven. It is imperative to bake these for just 5 minutes in the oven. If you don’t they will fall apart in crumbles and be dry. I don’t know about you but, I don’t like dry buns! I have yet to be disappointed in this brand of products. They are quite pricey, about $5 for 4 rolls. So we don’t get them too often! They’re a real nice treat for us when we do!

I hope you give them a try and enjoy! They were awesome with my sloppy joe recipe! 🙂

If you missed that recipe, you can find it here:



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