Jewl Black Raspberry Bushes

berriesWe have these gorgeous jewel black raspberry bushes in our yard and when doing a bit more research on them, I got even more excited to eat the berries! Black raspberries have less sugar and more fiber than red raspberries which make them more filling. Their harvest season is pretty short, just for about three weeks, the beginning of July until around the end.

Eating these berries, be prepared to find a more firm texture. They’re less juicy than red raspberry but, they’re still sweet. Their appearance are that of a short blackberry and look like little caps. What I found to be interesting is the berries start out red and turn black when they’re ripe.I feel like these will make a fabulous jam (hint, hint hubby!). I love finding treasures like this in my yard… Some of the best things in life do come free!! 🙂

I have never found these in my grocery store but if you get a chance to try them, you won’t be disappointed!


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