Gluten Free on A Budget

Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google

I think with any form of a budget you need to have a plan. Going into shopping gluten free is overwhelmingly expensive. Your pocket book is the first thing to take the hit. Well, for our family budgeting is very important. Having a plan before heading to the store is going to help you be successful in your gluten free shopping. Here are a few different tips I have:
•Plan your week out in meals. (Makes your grocery list easier to maintain also eliminates the frequent trips during the week)
•Don’t buy too many gluten free food products in one trip (those add up QUICK)
•Buy ON SALE (stock up)!!!!
•Use one night during the week for left overs

Tonight’s meal cost us $6.00 total. I grilled up some kielbasa and made some rice to go along side. Add a salad and you’re all set. A quick and easy meal that doesn’t cost much. I didn’t have to go fancy with a bunch of different gluten free products to have a gluten free meal.


Look for budget friendly recipes every Monday

Happy Cooking



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