Crispy Potatoes???

Ever wonder how to get those crispy hash browns at home like you get in the restaurant? Here is how you can make those delicious hash browns from a sack of potatoes!
•Shred your potatoes in a cheese grater.
•Use a clean kitchen towel and dump the potatoes on to the towel. You’re going to want to be sure it’s not your favorite kitchen towel.
•Now, this part takes a little muscle and is the most important part to getting that crispiness you desire… Ring the cloth with the potatoes in it. Ring it until no more water comes out. Then, ring it out some more to be extra sure you get out all of the moisture 🙂
•Season your potatoes to your liking
◦My favorite seasonings are: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Seasoned Salt, Onion Powder and Parsley (my go-to seasonings)
•Your next move depends on how you want your potatoes cooked. You can bake them by spreading them out on a greased baking dish, with little pads of butter on top and put them into the oven for a half hour on 425.
•Or, you can pan fry them in two tablespoons of butter or oil.
•This is just a super easy way to make those to die for hash browns at home :o)

Happy Cooking!!


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