Living Gluten Free

Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google

When you think of gluten what is the first thing that comes to mind? Wheat? Gluten is much more than wheat, it can be found in a variety of different products- that’s not just food I’m talking about. Yep, that’s right. Gluten can be found in anything from the food you eat to the toothpaste you use! I have a few tips from my experience that you may find helpful and a bit less overwhelming when making the transition for both your shopping experience and dining out:

Your shopping experience:
•READ, READ, READ LABELS! Reading the labels are going to be the most important thing when searching for gluten free items
•Second to reading the labels is knowing what to look for:
◦Wheat is the obvious culprit
◦Contaminated Oats
◦Carmel Coloring
•Some products that are advertised as gluten free have the tiny print on the back reading “may contain gluten” or “processed in a facility where wheat may be present” stay away from these products

When dining out:
•Be sure to advise your server of your dietary needs, these days many people understand when told you can’t eat gluten
•Choose “safe” items from the menu
◦eggs, no toast
◦salad, with olive oil and vinegar
◦plain chicken
◦ask what the ingredients are in seasonings
•Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No restaurant wants their customers to leave sick!

These are just a few tips I have to share today. Every week on Monday I will be doing a Living Gluten Free series. This series will include topics such as tips for: dining out, local restaurants (my experiences) and shopping in the supermarkets! Living gluten free doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful, make it fun and know what to look for. 🙂


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